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Spending money on Google Adwords and Agencies and just not getting enough sales in return?

Google Adwords Training for marketers and business owners.  Get super clear on what is working, what is not working, and what needs to change.



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The initial steps of setting up adwords are pretty easy

Set up an account, Choose networks and areas to target, Pop in some keyword or topics, Create some ads and let the traffic start rolling in.

It is what comes next that can be tricky.

Landing page optimisation, keyword tweaks, remarketing, keyword matching, goal tracking, demographics, interest data and analytics. If you are not an adwords guru this can be a little overwhelming.

What type of adwords training do you offer?

  • How to reduce your cost per click

  • Targeting - Getting in front of the right people

  • How to choose the right keywords

  • How to structure your account

  • Conversion Tracking

  • How to appropriately match keywords

  • How to use negative keywords

  • How to utilise your budget more effectively

  • How to track results

  • Interpreting Google Analytics Data

  • Landing page optimisation

  • Setting up remarketing Lists

  • Advanced targeting techniques

How does the Google Adwords Training work?

  • q-iconHow does the Google Adwords Training work?

    We train business’s from around New Zealand & Australia one on one, virtually using skype screen sharing (or if you are in Central Auckland we can do face to face).

    Skype allows us to speak face to face via video chat and share screens so we both see the same thing and make edits real time (just like a real life meeting without the commute).

  • q-iconHow long is the training

    Our training sessions last 2 hours so you can focus on the areas most important to you and ask the

    questions relating to your account and goals.


    You will learn how to keep on top of your account, clean up your keywords, optimize landing pages, set up tracking, control your spend or roll out new campaigns and keep your Adwords account and get it performing at its best.

Who would this training be useful for?

Some agencies charge $22,000+ a year just in agency fees a month every month just to manage your adwords we realize that not every businesses can afford this. That is why we want to empower you to make tweaks and changes in your google adwords account, learn how to see if you are getting a return on investment and implement adwords extensions, tools and tracking that will give you a competitive advantage.

  • Business owners who can not afford to pay someone to manage their adwords full time

  • Junior marketers in charge of the adwords account wanting to up skill

  • Marketing managers who want to get up to speed with digital advertising.

Who have we worked with...

What you get

The experience and knowledge of an agency

  • We have passed our google exams.

  • Attend quarterly trainings

    We go to courses quarterly so you do not have to.

  • Update our certification yearly

    Google requires us to sit adwords exams every 12 months to ensure we know the best practices for running adwords account.s

The benefit of training your staff to manage in house

  • Your staff learn how to manage your account

  • 2 Hour trainings as needed to avoid information overload

    Learn how to do the most important parts that will help you get a return on investment

  • Learn where to focus your efforts during that time for best possible outcome

    For Any Session we will focus on the areas that will benefit your business the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be covered?

Each training we will focus on teaching you to how to make the most valuable changes based on your data. You can then take that knowledge and apply it to manage your own account. Then for each coming training we will build up  your that knowledge base and your skills.

Where does the training take place.

Where possible we like to do the training virtually using SKYPE a free voice calling and screen sharing tool that allows us to talk, share screens, and send links to important information.

It is just like being there in person but without the pesky commute time, travel costs and parking time which drives the cost up.

Here at eCommerce marketing we like work smarter and use tools that make life easier - and skype is one of those. The bonus is you get to work from your own computer, and use all of your saved log in details.

If you are based in central Auckland we can come to your place of work (but prefer to keep it virtual).

For virtual consulting you will need:

What else do I need?

You will need the login's to:

  • Your adwords account (if you have a pre existing account) or we can create a new account.
  • Your analytics account (if you have a pre existing account) or we can create a new account.
  • Your website (this is not imperative but might help if we need to make landing page tweaks)

What happens with payment?

We do not lock you into a contract, we invoice you at the end of the month for payment on the 14th of the month.

How many lessons do I need?

It depends on your level of knowledge, we can not teach you everything adwords can do in 2 hours, but we can get you up to speed on the things you need to know right now to make an impact. We find most people start up with a lesson to get them up to speed on the basics of adwords and analytics so they know what to look at.

Then a month or so down the track they schedule another lesson to go more indepth, or schedule quarterly reviews to see where they can cut costs, and where they should scale up. But it is best to start with one two hour training and learn what you need to know right now - and worry about the next training if or when you need it.

What happens after I fill in the form on this page.

Once you register interest in training using the form below, someone from our team will get in touch to get some background on your skill level, and needs. From there we will schedule in a time for your first training session and settle on where the training is (your physical address or virtually utilizing online tools). Before the training we will email you a list of anything you need to have ready, and check the details - Then on the day we have everything we need to get stuck in.

Have questions about adwords coaching?

How does it work?

We have packages depending on the speed at which you wish to learn, the amount of time you have available and your budget. There is no contract to sign, you can cancel at any time.

“Today I had my first Adwords training session with Lucy. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and was able to answer all the questions I had on Adwords so that I can set up the campaigns properly and start optimising for conversions. I look forward to seeing the results in coming weeks and setting up some more training to get the most out of my online marketing. I would highly recommend Lucy’s services for businesses that are wanting to learn how to manage their online spend properly”

Warren Twisleton
Warren Twisleton Lujo.co.nz (19/06/2014)

My companies Google Adwords was set up by the girl in the role before me.  She left no clear instructions or insight into how she had created each campaign and Google Help wasn’t overly easy to navigate, especially for someone who had never used it before. Our Adwords wasn’t set up well, which made it harder to navigate – my main problem was I had no clue on what I was doing! I wanted to learn how to use Adwords properly so that I could maximise our ads and minimise our costs. I wanted to learn how to set up a great ad, campaign and general categories that were easy to use and converted ads into clicks – online purchases from our webstore.  Our Adwords needed to be sorted out, re-categorised and sifted through, to remove all unwanted information. During the training I learnt so much. Very, very helpful information – especially around ways to maximise our campaigns and categories and minimise the time spent fiddling around with unnecessary elements.  Would highly recommend it to anyone in my position with little knowledge around the program, learnt a lot. The training was fantastic! As a beginner using an Adwords account set up by someone else, I found it very difficult to understand what she had done.  I loved the fact Lucy worked with our original account, showed me how to re-arrange, re-group and sift through the good and bad information.  As a result, I can now go through our account and fix up any issues, create great ads that match our keywords, minimise costs and understand Googles cost/pricing process.  I now know how to monitor and understand the numbers and chose what I think is working well or not based on figures.  When I leave this job in September to travel, I would be confident I would be able to show the person after me how to use the basics and control what I have put in place. Lucy knew exactly what she was talking about.  She presented all the information in a friendly and professional manner.  She was comfortable with what she was talking about and was great at showing me how to do certain things, as well as letting me do them for myself.  I would 100% recommend her to anyone who was struggling in anyway with both Adwords and Analytics, she was fantastic! It was a fantastic training experience, I really enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot of information that I can use to improve our Adwords account.  Highly recommended.

Kendell McGifford
Kendell McGifford Gordon Harris Limited
  • Save thousands of dollars on agency management costs

  • Hundreds of hours of staff time

  • Save thousands of dollars on travel, accommodation and course costs


100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the training risk free. We know there are a lot of cowboys out there in the online marketing space. So we offer you this risk free guarantee, If do the training, apply our changes and do not see any positive benefit we will give you your money back.


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