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Let us train you how to leverage facebook traffic to turn on new customers, extend the customers life cycle, reduce advertising costs and grow your business.



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Are you investing valuable marketing budget boosting posts and running adds but not getting the sales out at the other end?

Everyday I talk to business owners who are investing valuable staff time and resources on facebook with no real strategy, direction,  goals or understanding on how to use facebook to get increase sales, customer rentention and revenue.

When you do facebook wrong you end up:

  • Spending hours every month writing posts, statuses and getting no sales
  • Sinking marketing budget into ads that do not work
  • Getting little to no traffic to your website


When you do facebook right you can:

  • Clone your best customers and turn on targeted traffic
  • Reactivate existing customers AND turn them into your best sales people.
  • Increase traffic, sales and ROI
  • Track every dollar you spend and keep your marketing budget accountable


  • Leverage your time

    Time is a precious resource. Get our templates for streamlining social media planning and focus your efforts towards your sales goals.

  • Reduce Costs

    Stop wasting money on the wrong audience and get laser focused on the right audience

  • Build customer loyalty

    Increase online customers and deepen your relationship with potential customers on facebook.

  • Grow Revenue

    Create a powerful social sales funnel that drives traffic, sales and repeat business so you can grow your business.


When I say facebook marketing I am not just talking about creating a facebook page for business. I am talking about using facebook advertising and facebook promoted posts as a traffic generation strategy so that you can start to turn clicks into customers.



  • Maximise the impact of your facebook efforts
  • Understand how facebook fits into your marketing funnel
  • Set and Measure the impact of social media activity
  • Grow your online community & user engagement
  • Delivery killer content & creative that wins you new customers and encourages repeat purchases
  • Confidently manage your businesses social media efforts
  • Measure and track results

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering training rather then facebook marketing services?

Well we actually offer both. We are happy to run your facebook marketing for you. But we also realise that small and medium sized businesses may have a budget big enough to pay an agency to manage their all of their facebook marketing.

We love helping businesses grow. By empowering business owners and their marketing team to run their own facebook advertising campaigns we ensure they use their budget efficiently. Because they are not paying a monthly management fee to an agency for things they could be doing in house, they can continue to invest in training with us for strategy and growth.

So by building your business we also build our own. So it is a win win.

What will be covered?
The actual content of your training session depends on your level of knowledge and online marketing goals. We tailor each session to the business so we can utilise our time efficiently.

Where does the training take place?

We offer 1 on 1 training's via Skype tailored to your businesses goals. Skype allows us to share screens and talk just like we were there in person without the pesky commute times.

What happens after I schedule an appointment?
Once you register interest in training using the form below, someone from our team will get in touch to schedule your first training session. Once we book a time we suggest you do a skype test call to make sure your mic and sound is working so we can maximise training time. Be sure to prepare your logins and make sure you have access to facebook so we can hit the ground running.

How do I pay?
We do not lock you into a contract, we invoice you at the end of the month for payment on the 14th of the month.

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How do I schedule a training?

My biggest problem before the training was that I did not know how to get more traction with the Facebook page and how to engage people better. I was spending a lot of time and effort posting and updating with no real direction and not getting adequate return.

The problem was I did not understand the hash tag phenomenon and I did not realise the extent to which a social media site like Facebook could become entirely business-focused.

My main goal was to reach more people on facebook then direct them to our main website to ultimately book appointments. The two hour training session was full of information and ideas and valuable strategies and I will be incorporating everything because everything was clearly explained and easy to understand.

After the training I feel much more comfortable and focused (and confident) about what to put on Facebook – and HOW to support my sales funnel to get more bookings and grow the business.

The biggest benefit for me would be the time Saving for any future facebook marketing efforts as we planned the next two months’ worth of content during the training - all focused towards increasing bookings, customer retention and growth absolutely know their stuff and I would totally recommend this training to anyone looking direction and help with facebook as everything was explained in an easy-to-follow format. Thank you.

Georgina Barr
Georgina Barr Sportsmed

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