Confused by the Google Analytics interface and what it all means?

Google Analytics training for marketers and business owners.

Find out if you are tracking the right data, learn how to interpret google analytics and get super clear on what is happening on your website. Know what is working, what is not working, and what needs to change to grow your sales and profits.


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Our Customers Love Our Online Marketing Coaching
Because It is So Easy To Understand...

"My companies Google Adwords was set up by the girl in the role before me.  She left no clear instructions or insight into how she had created each campaign and Google Help wasn’t overly easy to navigate, especially for someone who had never used it main problem was I had no clue on what I was doing!...During the training I learnt so much. Very, very helpful information – especially around ways to maximise our campaigns and categories and minimise the time spent fiddling around with unnecessary elements.  Would highly recommend it to anyone in my position with little knowledge around the program, learnt a lot. The training was fantastic! ... I loved the fact Lucy worked with our original account, showed me how to re-arrange, re-group and sift through the good and bad information.  As a result, I can now go through our account and fix up any issues, create great ads that match our keywords, minimise costs and understand Googles cost/pricing process.  I now know how to monitor and understand the numbers and chose what I think is working well or not based on figures... I would 100% recommend them to anyone who was struggling in anyway with both Adwords and Analytics, she was fantastic!"

Kendell McGifford, Gordon Harris Ltd.

"I did the Content Marketing Training with Lucy Ross as we needed help with our e-commerce website. There is so much confusing information out there regarding internet marketing and social media and we needed to put a clear strategy in place before investing and lot of time and money upgrading our website.  The training with Lucy helped with our internet marketing strategy and clarified the area’s which needed work.  It can all be a bit daunting and can get quite technical but it’s great to know that we can call on Lucy’s services when we need too. In fact we are now part way through a website profit makeover with Lucy. Our 1st session focused on search engine optimisation and we now have lots of work to do on the website before we move onto the conversion part of the makeover.  I would recommend the training to others as it is a good introduction to internet marketing and helps you understand where you need to focus to get the best results."


No Previous Experience Is Required, Training to get you up to speed with Google Analytics...

We work with marketers and business owners from all levels of experience.

  • People interested in setting up analytics tracking (the right way)
  • Marketers in charge of the website wanting to up skill
  • Marketing managers who want to get up to speed with digital analytics
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to utilise the data they are tracking
  • Business owners wanting to measure the results of marketing campaigns
  • People who want to trouble shoot issues on their website

Identify where you are losing traffic and wasting marketing budget so you can fix the issues & Boost Sales easily...

The reason 90% of websites I work with are not selling is that their potential customers are leaking off their website before they spend any money. These happens because things are not set up correctly to walk website visitors through what they need to know in order to buy. With analytics you can identify which pages leak visitors so you can tweak them to tell customers what they need to know.

Set your Measurement Plan for success...

Without a solid measurement plan there is no way to measure if your marketing efforts are working. By establishing Goals and Performance Indicators and making sure we can measure them we make sure you always have markers to measure your success so you can scale up the marketing that works, and turn off the ones that do not

Gain valuable insights into how visitors interact with your website...

We check you are measuring the right information and filter out any traffic that might be diluting your figures. And show you how to make sure your marketing is performing, how to trouble shoot issues that cost you customers and how to read your data.

Plug up problems and make your website sell...

Most business owners build a site and throw money at traffic, willing it to sell. We work with you to address your website structure, technology and words ability to sell, so you know what changes need to be made to turn more website visitors into customers.

Trusted By Leading Brands...

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the training risk free. We know there are a lot of cowboys out there in the online makreting space. So we offer you this risk free guarantee, If book in some training, and you do not learn anything of value in the first 15 minutes we will give you your money back.

YES! I would love to know more...

To learn more, or to organise a training, it all starts with a quick 10 minute chat so we can find out more about you, your skill level, and your business goals. Book a time now.


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