We provide Done For You Marketing Services that make your eCommerce websitelook Incredible Online So You Make More Sales and Profit.

 Most businesses approach their marketing without a real plan, they commission a website without a real understanding of what will make their website visitors convert into customers.  They know they need customers, so they start paying for traffic ( be it in time spend writing articles, printing up flyers, putting up a billboard, having an agency do s.e.o, or turning on google adwords). The trouble is their website isn’t set up for success, and it is not for lack of trying, the trouble is they are doing all of the right things… but in the wrong order. Which means the traffic they are paying for leaves their site without buying and heads down the road to their competitors.

This leaves them feeling frustrated, confused about what to do next, and wondering why you are spending all this money and not reaching your sales goals.

We understand the needs of business owners.

As a business owner herself, Lucy knows the struggles that face any business owner in every day life ( marketing, admin, staff, customers, accounting, management, sales, networking and so the list goes on).

Using this experience allows her to focus on the key steps you need to grow a successful ecommerce business.

By outlining a clear strategy and steps she decodes the online marketing maze and supports ecommerce businesses to build not just traffic, but sales and profits.

Taking the right steps IN THE RIGHT ORDER is Key…

To often I see business owners fall into the trap of spending all of their website and marketing budget on a website that looks great – but is not set up to sell. With a powerful ability to determine where your eCommerce business is leaving money on the table, Lucy is passionate about helping kiwi businesses thrive. We do this using our proven step by step blueprint to walk you up the ladder to ecommerce success. Because we follow the right steps, in the right order to guide you towards your sales goals faster, smoother and with the best possible return on investment because we only focus on things that help you grow. This means you bypass all the stress, confusion and time constraints of trying to figure out how to do it all yourself.

Imagine turning your website into your best sales person and have that person working 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

EcommerceMarketing.co.nz works as an online marketing partner for businesses who are serious about making their ecommerce websites sell.

Why Ecommerce Marketing?

  • Ecommerce Focused

    We think form is important… but not at the expense of functionality. Sometimes developers can build something beautiful… but it doesn’t do the job in terms of converting leads into customers and profit. We focus on sales and conversions to make you more money.

    Online Marketing is what we do best!

    Here at EcommerceMarketing.co.nz ONLINE MARKETING IS WHAT WE DO BEST! We want to free you up so you have time to do the things you are passionate about be it drinking coffee… or working on other aspects of your business.

  • Marketing that makes you money.

    We recognise if you are spending money on marketing that does not produce any results you will not be our customer for long. We focus on more then just traffic and rankings… We focus on conversions (your profit).

    10 Years Experience

    Online Marketing fads come and go. Over the last 10 years we have seen a lot of tactics (both good and bad). We make sure we are always up to date with the latest search engine changes and only use “white hat” methods.