Florist Website Design Case Study – How we 5x Sales

Florist Website Design Case Study – How we 5x Sales

Are you thinking of a florist website redesign or maybe switching your website to Shopify? Maybe you are just starting out and you want to choose the best marketing tool to attract and convert website visitors into customers.

I see this happen about once a month. A business owner comes to me for marketing and sales services after investing in a new website and their sales or traffic tanking. It goes one of two ways, either they invest in a brochure website, that is a terrible marketing tool, or they spend to much on form and the website does not have the functionality they need to build a thriving eCommerce business.

I wanted to put a case study together about this for a florist client of mine.

Before: When a website build goes wrong! (p.s. not It!)

Client X came to us after a website redesign went horrible wrong! Her traffic took a nose dive, her sales were in the toilet and she was $10,000 poorer.

  • Her mobile was not mobile friendly (and 90% of people research online before buying) (this was one of the main reasons she wanted to build a site)
  • It did not have a box to choose a delivery date.
  • It did not have a box to include a message with your order.
  • It did have a over 18 / 21 message for people to buy gift baskets with wine
  • They had not connected the dots between the old and new website so she kept her search engine traffic.
  • It was not easy for her to make changes so she would have had to pay them $300 every time she needed to change something.
  • There was no tracking set up to tell her:
    • Which marketing was working so she could do more of it
    • Which marketing was performing poorly so she could stop paying for it or make tweaks to improve it.
  • It wasn’t easy to set up things like a Facebook shop, google shopping, and marketing tools to help her grow her business.

What happens when you build a website that is a crappy sales person

  • You make little to know sales or they take a dive
  • You don’t attract free traffic from google into your business

After – Her Conversion Optimised Website Redesign

  • She has a fast website, that works on a mobile phone, tablet & desktop.
  • It is a fantastic sales person that works for her 24/7 attracting customers from around the world.
  • It has all the clever functionality she needs to run her business, age checker, delivery dates, shipping based on the gift recipients post code, gift messages, up selling cards and chocolates so she increases her average order value.
  • We 5x Her sales by using conversion rate optimisation design and tactics.
  • We doubled the amount of free traffic she received from google by using search engine optimisation practices on the new website.
  • We set up a measurement plan so she knows what marketing makes her money and what marketing to tweak or turn off if it is under performing.
  • Her new website is built on the Shopify platform so as her business’s grows she has technology that will grow with her.

Other Services: We also provide ongoing Monthly E commerce Growth Marketing Management running her Google Ads & Facebook Ads to continue to grow her business.

Do you need a Florist or Gift website? Considering a website redesign?

Talk to us today about our Shopify eCommerce website Design & Development Services or organise a quick audit to find out what you need to build a powerful online marketing machine that attracts strangers and turns them into customers.

Cart Abandonment Emails Increase eCommerce Sales

Cart Abandonment Emails Increase eCommerce Sales

Are you stressed out by how much money you are spending on marketing each month? Would you like to squeeze more profit out of your marketing budget? Cart abandonment emails could help you make thousands of dollars worth of sales you would have otherwise lost.

Is your online marketing an expense or an investment?

It can be scary seeing your credit card bill each month and looking at how much you have spent on boosted posts, Facebook ads, Google Adwords and various subscriptions – To it is important to squeeze every last sale out of your sales funnel.

So what happens when your customer gets interrupted during a purchase?

Don’t you hate it when someone interrupts you when you are in the middle of doing something? It happens a lot, doesn’t it? The phone rings? One of the kids is yelling at you or your phone decides to go flat. What ever the cause this is happening to your customers when they shop on your website.

This raises the question – “how do we recover those sales?”

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What is an abandoned cart email?

Here is an example of one in action:

Let’s say you Jim is shopping for some new headphones and come to my website, he likes the price, he has read the reviews and decided these are the headphones for him… but then his dog runs the past, eating his new running shoes, so he goes and grabs the show off the dog, then the phone rings… and then he completely forgets about the headphones and goes on with his day.

Then 2, 10, 24 hours later he gets an email in his inbox saying…

“Hi Jim, You left these Headphones in your cart. Did you still want them.”

With a link, and branding and everything, he needs to continue with his purchase. While not every person who abandoned their cart will take you up on this offer, some will. So it’s an important part of your conversion strategy.

One of my clients is using this tool to recover $600 in lost sales a month – that is $7200 in extra sales a year.

E-commerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails can help helpful to:

  • Convert people who were in the research stage into buying.
  • Recover customers who were interrupted during the purchase process.
  • Remind people who were waiting for pay day to buy this product.

Get more sales without doing any extra work.

Now I know that sounds small but to a small seasonal local business it’s all profit that they would not have other wise received and helps transform their marketing costs from an expense into an investment… and it happens automatically – so there is no EXTRA work involved (other than setting it up once).

How do I get my website to send out one of these emails?

This is easier for some people than others. If you build your website on a smart “platform” like Shopify or Shopsite it will automatically send these emails out for you if you decide to turn the feature on. You can customise the email so its personal.

If not this is something your website platform can do. This is why we love building Shopify Websites for customers because it is really easy to turn on this marketing functionality and squeeze more sales out of your website. You can learn more about shopify here

Is your website platform up to scratch?

If you are considering upgrading your eCommerce Website and want to make sure you have all the necessary technology you need to increase not just sales but profits then check out our shopify web development services – we build businesses not just websites – and make sure your website has the necessary functionality you need to thrive online.

What to do next

[callout title=”Book some Google analytics training.” link=”/google-analytics-training/”]If you are worried about the growing costs of marketing or want to increase sales this is one way to get a conversion bump. Start by Jump into Google Analytics and check out your Cart Abandonment rate and see how many people are leaving your website at the checkout. Not sure how? [/callout]

cart abandonment emails

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Over to you… Are you using cart abandonment emails on your store? How many sales do you recover each month? Have questions about cart abandonment?

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How to format a Shopify blog post (with video)

How to format a Shopify blog post (with video)

Content marketing is a must when it comes to getting traffic to your eCommerce store. It is easy to come up with engaging content for a blog, but using a text editor can be difficult for people who don’t spend a lot of time using text editors.

I have put together a video to walk you through formatting a blog post in the Shopify blog interface in an effort to make the content easily digestible to potential customers and presell them on your products.


Hi, Lucy here director from ecommercemarketing.co.nz with a Shopify tutorial on how to format your blog post using the WYSIWYG Editor (what you see is what you get).

I find some of my clients are not used to using this kind of an editor, they know how to get the information in there, but when it comes to the formatting they generally leave it.

Breaking up your text

Here is a prime example – you can see the text is all jumbled up and squished together. What I am going to do is teach you how to format your blog posts so they look great and are digestible to customers and the search engines as well.

Is the heading relevant?

The first step we want to look at here is the title. This is a great title for a blog post, it’s something someone would type into Google and it is relevant to the information on the page so that is a good start.

Using Subheadings

The next step we want to do is look at subheadings, the good thing with this blog is the headings are already there and just need to be formatted so what we are going to do is highlight the bit we want to turn into a heading, come and click on the little a (hover over it and it says formatting). Click on the A and choose one of the heading options. When you click save you will be able to preview your page and see how it breaks up the text and makes it easier to read.

Using the WYSIWYG Editors bullet points and numbering.

The next step we are going to take is using the number formatting from the editors rather than adding them in manually. This is going to make these points look much nicer as it will use the templates default style and make these numbers look tidy and easy to read.

Highlight the section that has a series of steps with a number in front of them. If you look to the formatting bar there is a number or a bullet point option. Click the number option and press save. If you preview you work you can see it’s looking really tidy and the numbered steps are easy to read and people can find out what they need to know.

After that we are going to be jumping down to the tides and the moon and making that into a heading, we might break this up so it’s easier to read. Any important information we can highlight by making it bold. Then we have some general information so we will make that into a heading.

Make sure you add a call to action

The last step is going to be putting a call to action at the end of the blog. You have invested your time into writing this blog post so what you want to do is capitalise on your investment by sending the customer through to your website. So what you want to do is add a call to action here, I have prepared one earlier which I am going to cut and paste in, then press save.

Check out the end result

Once you press save then you can go and see the end result on your website. You will see some great headings. How to set up your tide clock, the tides and the moon, some general information to get people started. And of course if people are searching in Google asking questions about a tide clock, they may be interested in buying one so what we would do is throw in there that they can purchase one, that there is a warranty on it and here is how you find one.

So they get to the end of your blog, they ask “what do I do next”  we have told them, they click through they check out your stock and are much more likely to buy.

What to do next

So that is my tutorial on how to format and optimise your Shopify blog post not only for the search engines but for to customers to take them through to the content on your website and also how to get things looking really nice and crisp on your Shopify site.

This is Lucy Ross from ecommercemarketing.co.nz if you need any help with Shopify e-commerce marketing my team can do all sorts of things with development, adding content, optimising images and making blog posts search engine friendly.

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you can get more tips like this and I will see you in our next tutorial, thanks.