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Let us teach you how to buy leads and sales using google at a predictable cost so you can squeeze every last sale out of your marketing budget and explode your sales.
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Spending money on Google Ads and Agencies and just not getting enough sales in return?

Want to manage your Adwords in house? Or to learn more about what it is your agency does for you? and if they are doing a good job?

We offer Google Ads Training for marketers and business owners. Get super clear on what is working, what is not working, and what needs to change.

Sure you could just keep guessing, or let a junior marketer loose with the business credit card and hope for the best they know what they are doing OR you could let us train you how to run campaigns in Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Youtube Ads, Display Ads or Mobile Ads and optimise them for return on ad spend and profit.

NOTE: Do you have a junior marketer you are trying to develop? Let us mentor them with out Digital Marketing Coaching

The initial steps of setting up Google ads are pretty easy.  Set up an account, Choose networks and areas to target, Pop in some keyword or topics, Create some ads and let the traffic start rolling in.  It is what comes next that can be tricky. Landing page optimisation, keyword tweaks, re-marketing, keyword matching, audiences, bid modification, display, shopping, youtube, goal tracking, demographics, interest data and analytics. If you are not an adwords guru this can be a little overwhelming.

What you will learn during your Google Ads Training:


We have training modules on a number of topics and can tailor the training to your needs. Topics can include any of the following. 

  • How to reduce your cost per click
  • Targeting – Getting in front of the right people
  • How to choose and match the right keywords
  • How to structure your account
  • What you should be tracking
  • How to utilise your budget more effectively
  • How to use negative keywords
  • Interpreting Google Analytics Data
  • Landing page Optimisation
  • Setting up remarketing lists & campaigns
  • Display advertising & Audiences
  • Advanced targeting techniques
  • What data you need to collect to make informed marketing decisions
  • Youtube / Video Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who would this training be useful for?

  • Business owners who want to leverage google ads to grow their business
  • Junior marketers who need google ads mentoring because they are not sure how to scale campaigns
  • Marketing managers who want to get up to speed with digital advertising to manage their team.

Q. Who would the training not be useful for?

  • You are not willing to invest in your business and have no marketing budget
  • You already know how to buy leads and sales and turn it into customers using digital marketing.
  • You are happy with the number of leads and sales in your business and you do not want to turn on a steady flow of new business. 

Q. How long is the training

Our training sessions last 2 hours and focuses on your goals. You will learn how to keep on top of your account, clean up your keywords, optimize landing pages, set up tracking, control your spend or roll out new campaigns and keep your Google Ads account and get it performing at its best.

Q. Where is the training?

We conduct our training online via zoom meeting where we can speak, share screens and record the session for you to refer back to. We have trained business owners & marketers from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Canada & the USA

Q. How much is the training?

Because we don’t know you, what you have setup, what you know and do not know, we can not give you a hard number. Driving traffic with Google ads is often just one piece of the puzzle, we can also offer training in Google Analytics, Landing pages, Conversion Rate Optimization and Digital Strategy. Let’s start with a quick audit to get the lay of the land and figure out where the gaps are in your knowledge and what you need to learn to build killer marketing campaigns and explode your sales.

Q. What will be covered?

Each training we will focus on teaching you to how to make the most valuable changes based on your data. You can then take that knowledge and apply it to manage your own account. Then for each coming training we will build up  your that knowledge base and your skills.

Who have we worked with…  Flick Electric, Exceed Franchising Ltd, Citywideflorist, Gordon Harris, All About a a Girl, The Importer, Pharmacy NZ, Futurist, Rosa Living, Lujo, Well Foundation, Textilia, NZ Business Buy Sell.. and so the list goes on.

What you get

Some agencies charge $24,000+ a year just in agency fees a month every month just to manage your Google ads we realize that not every business can afford this. That is why we want to empower you to make tweaks and changes in your google ads account, learn how to see if you are getting a return on investment and implement extensions, tools and tracking that will give you a competitive advantage.

Google  Why choose our digital marketing coaching?

  • Training from a Google Adwords Certified Partner
  • You or your staff learn how to manage your account
  • 2 hour training’s as needed to avoid information overload
  • Learn where to focus your efforts during that time for best possible outcome
  • Tailored to your business and goals
  • We are growth marketers – we don’t just drive traffic – we drive leads, sales and profit.

What others are saying about our training:

“The training with Lucy helped with our internet marketing strategy and clarified the area’s which needed work. It can all be a bit daunting and can get quite technical but it’s great to know that we can call on Lucy’s services when we need too. In fact, we are now part way through a website profit makeover with Lucy. I would recommend the training to others as it is a good introduction to internet marketing and helps you understand where you need to focus to get the best results.” – Sara – Owner – rosaliving.co.nz

” I did the 8 week eCommerce growth marketing course and learnt how to scale google shopping, google search and google display campaigns so I know I can spend $4 to make $130. Now I can go out and buy all the the market share available to me and grow sales fast, the training ended up paying for itself in the second month of increased sales” – Marian – All About A Girl

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the training risk free. We know there are a lot of cowboys out there in the online marketing space. So we offer you this risk free guarantee, If do the training, apply our changes and do not see any positive benefit we will give you your money back. If you schedule your first 2 hour coaching session today or signup for our 8 week coaching course for lead and sales generation where we set goals, buy traffic and smash your online marketing goals.

  • Save thousands of dollars on agency management costs
  • Save hours getting up to speed
  • Save money on travel, accommodation and course costs

Book in your Google Ad  Training and transform your website marketing from an expense into an investment.

How to Organise your Google ads training – Let’s start with a quick 10 minute audit to see what you know, what you don’t know and what we need to teach you to explode your sales.

I now have a clearer understanding of what we’re doing but more importantly why – thanks.



Our Google Adwords was set up by the girl in the role before me…It wasn’t set up well.. and I had no clue on what I was doing! I wanted to learn how to use Google Ads properly so that I could maximise our ads and minimise our costs. I learnt how to set up great ad campaigns that converted into not just clicks but online purchases…  I would 100% recommend her to anyone who was struggling in any way with both Adwords and Analytics, she was fantastic! 


Kendall -

Marketing, Gordon Harris

My old marketing guy was robbing me blind and giving away all my profits with discounts. I completed the 8-week digital marketing training for eCommerce growth and I learnt how to run Google Shopping, Search and Display ads to buy sales and attract loads of new customers, who pay full price so I make more profit on every sale. I went from making putting $1 into google ads to get $3 out to get $1 into getting $28-$45 on my campaigns.


Owner, All About A Girl

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